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     We are a family run hedgehog breeder located in SouthCentral Kansas, currently in our eleventh year of working to breed healthy pet hedgehogs with excellent temperaments. We would be proud for one of our family raised hedgehogs to become a part of your family.

Aaaaaand…. We’re back!

     So what happened??? Why did we vanish, and why are we coming back? Well, life happened. Kids got older and required more effort to home school. Other animals and the forty acres we live on required time and energy. We became very involved with a community in Wichita, now an hour drive each way, and were gone much more often. Laura was offered the opportunity to follow a path of study she has been interested in for years. We expanded our family by asking a couple of dear friends to be Godparents to our kids, and made space and time for them to be at the farm with us as often as possible.

     But the most critical change of all? It became a job. All of the things above take time, and as more things squeezed into each day, we found that all of us were finding less joy in the hedgehogs, and more a sense of duty. These animals, and breeding them to create amazing and friendly pets, has been not only a hobby for years, but an obsession. We could not imagine asking them to take any lesser role.

     At the time we honestly weren’t sure if it was a break or an ending. Most of our best animals were sent to other breeders to make sure the lines continued. We kept most of our retirees, as well as a few favorite younger animals, but that was it. The nursery was turned into a den for Bill. The main hedgehog room was revamped to be used more for sewing and study for Laura. Time went by, and we realized that our last few breedable animals were about to be too old to safely breed, but we still hesitated. Then Laura spent some time with a friend who breeds hedgehogs and some of her babies who were sired by one of our boys, and she realized that she wasn’t quite ready to throw in the towel for good.

     So its 2011, and we’re back, admittedly on a MUCH smaller scale. Its unlikely that we’ll have babies available more often than a couple of times a year, and first dibs will be given to our friends who breed to make sure that the lines continue on. What does the future hold for PogStar? We’re not sure. All we can promise is that the animals will continue to be our first priority, and that as long as we can work with them with the passion and love they deserve, the PogStar will be around.
Laura, William, and the Family


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