Our Mission and Code of Ethics
Disclaimer: We at PogStar Hedgehogs realize that there are a great many differences in opinion as to the proper care of hedgehogs, whether as pets or animals used for breeding, and we realize that there are numerous ways to meet basic standards that will inevitably vary from person to person. Therefore, we want to make it clear that we do not feel that an individual who cares for their hedgehog differently is wrong, as long as the animals basic needs are being met. These are simply the standards to which we choose to hold ourselves.

1.) We will provide all our animals with a top quality diet as we are best able to understand it from current information and research.

2.) We will make sure that all animals have access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times in their cage.

3.) We will provide all our animals with a cage that is well ventilated, kept at a safe and comfortable temperature, cleaned regularly, and gives them ample room to exercise and move comfortably.

4.) We will provide adequate health care for all our animals, consulting with or visiting a licenced veterinarian as necessary. If there is no reasonable treatment for a condition which is causing an animal pain or distress we will see to it that the animal is euthanized as quickly and painlessly as possible.

5.) We will not breed any hedgehogs which are not in good health and free of any known diseases.

6.) We will plan each breeding with the intention of that particular breeding improving the breed and never for purely commercial reasons.

7.) We will not breed any female hedgehog before a minimum of six months, nor will any hedgehog be bred repeatedly in a manner which would endanger her mental or physical health or that of her babies.

8.) We will not continue to breed any hedgehog which has shown itself unfit in temperament to be a parent, or unfit to have itís temperament passed on to future generations of hedgehog.

9.) We will not knowingly breed or sell an animal who we believe to carry or have a likelihood of contracting any genetic or health damaging condition, such as WHS, FLD or cancer. We will also do everything in our power to support research and testing on these and other disorders affecting hedgehogs.

10.) We will not wean any animal before we are certain that it is ready and able to leave itís mother, and have spent time observing it living on itís own successfully.

11.) We will not ship any animal until it is a minimum of eight weeks of age and we believe it able to handle the stresses of shipping. We will not ship if there are any concerns about weather, flights, or pick up arrangements.

12.) We will honestly evaluate the quality of all hedgehogs sold, transferred, or offered for breeding service and fairly represent that evaluation. No animal judged to be of inferior quality or health shall be sold for breeding purposes or without full disclosure of these concerns.

13.) We will not knowingly sell any hedgehogs, nor will we allow any of our hedgehogs to be used in a breeding where the offspring are intended for sale, to wholesalers or pet stores unless we have been able to verify their quality and ethics to the point that we would be comfortable purchasing animals from them and have every reason to believe that utmost care will be taken in their maintenance and sale.

14.) We will make every possible effort to ensure that the buyers of our hedgehogs are not making an uninformed, impulse purchase and can provide appropriate, long-term care. We will also provide rescue services free of charge to any hedgehog we have bred.

15.) We will support and conduct only ethical and honest record keeping, animal management and sales practices. We will keep accurate pedigrees, breeding, registration, and health records and will make this information available upon request to individuals who purchase one of our animals.

16.) We will at all times maintain any required USDA, state, or local licensing.

17.) We will advertise honestly and not in any way be fraudulent or misleading. A written copy of our policies and guarantees will be made available to all customers and potential customers.

18.) We will continue to study hedgehogs and consult with other owners, breeders, and veterinarians always seeking to increase our knowledge and to share what knowledge we have with others.

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