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Hedgehog Information Sites

Hedgehog World
A hedgehog community created by some of the hobby's top hedgehog breeders.
This site has an extensive articles section, FAQ, Forums,
links to other quality breeders
and other up-to-date hedgehog information resources.

Other sites of interest

The Pet Search - Pet Directory
Pet search and directory, information resources and other pet related links.
Fauna Classifieds
A good resource when looking for a new pet. You can find out whether a breeder is good or bad on their various Boards of Inquiry.
Pet Classifieds
Free pet classifieds and other useful pet information.
PetDir - Pet Directory
An excellent pet directory and search engine
Animalsites.com A large quality animal site directory.
Animalport.com A wealth of information on a multitude of animals, along with wallpapers, photos, and more.
Petadvantage.com Find nearly anything pet related.
Puyya.com A very comprehensive pet directory.
Dirpet.com Pet related resources in multiple categories.

Non-Pet sites of interest

Reflective Restorations
Custom woodworking and antique woodworks restoration. Specializing in vintage home and business interiors, and antique furniture restoration, repair, and reproduction, including recaning. A personal note: I've seen their work, and it is spectacular!
Waning Light Photography
William's photography site.

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