Hedgehog Temperament Testing Scores
NOTICE! This test is the property of PogStar Hedgehogs and may not be reproduced without proper credit given!

     An important thing to remember when giving this test is that not all hedgehogs are going to score all one number. However, a well done test should leave MOST animals with scores that vary between two numbers or are mostly one number with one or two above and below. Either way, this is not meant to be a set in stone score, simply a way for people to more accurately communicate the variety of temperaments that can be found in these animals. It should be kept in mind, when considering the score of an animal, that a baby who is quilling or very recently weaned may improve in temperament once adjusted. It is also true that almost all animals, with regular, gentle handling can raise their score by one, possibly even two points. In the same way, an animal that is treated unkindly or mostly ignored may gradually worsen in temperament, although this happens with a seeming randomness that suggests it is another inhereted trait of personality that we do not yet have an understanding of.
»» Excellent (A score of one):

      This, quite honestly, is the best you can get. An animal with this score is always glad to see you, willing to unroll, and eager to explore, even in an unfamiliar environment. There is very little that can get an animal of this temperament to truly ball or raise itís quills, but they will occasionally try to briefly pretend to be fierce with a bit of a huff and a half hearted raising of their quills for a second or so. An animal with this score makes a wonderful pet in any situation, including as a classroom visitor or pet to be shared with a small child (always with adult help!) and is likely to also excel on the show table if given the chance. Unfortunately this temperament is not as common as we could hope, but we are working to change that.
»» Very Good (A score of two):

      An animal with this score is one that will make a great pet. While a little more cautious than an animal who scores a one, this animal is still very friendly, outgoing, and easy to handle. Animals scoring mostly twos may give a small show of quills or give a half hearted attempt at balling when being picked up, or if startled, but will very quickly unroll and be curious and interactive. An animal with this score will make a wonderful pet in almost any situation.
»» Good (A score of three):

      This is the lowest score we consider to have good general pet potential. Animals who mostly score threes will be a little more shy and guarded than those who score ones or twos, and likely to take a wee bit longer to warm up, but are still mostly friendly, willing to interact, and have good potential as pets. We do not recommend these animals for extremely noisy or busy environments or for small children who will be put off by the occasional poke, but for most people they can still make very good pets, and will generally become more outgoing and less guarded with regular attention.
»» Fair (A score of four):

      Hedgehogs scoring a four are extremely shy and often defensive, but do show some attempts to investigate their surroundings and interact with the person handling them. An animal rating mostly four should not ever be purchased as a pet for a child, or by someone who is extremely sensitive to the pricks of hedgehog quills. With patience, these animals usually have good potential for becoming more interactive, although most likely they will always be more easily startled than a hedgehog with a more outgoing personality. These are wonderful animals for someone who enjoys the challenge and the rewards of bringing an animal out of itís shell and teaching it to enjoy human friendship.
»» Poor (A score of five):

      This is basically the animal equivalent of a cactus. During testing an animal rating almost all fives will have never come out of a ball or stopped showing defensive behavior (such as huffing and or popping). Some of these animals CAN be brought around with gentle, patient handling and care, but a hedgehog of this temperament should never be purchased as a pet assuming this will happen, because sometimes it does not.

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